X-on is an accredited supplier under the NHS National Framework for Patient and Non-patient Communications

Hospital, NHS and Doctor's Surgery Appointment Reminders

iRemind Integration with Surgery Connect Hosted Medical Telephony System

Surgery Connect is a hosted medical telephony system designed to improve communications between patients and staff. It can function alongside existing communications infrastructure and can be managed via the Internet. This results in low investment and maintenance costs, minimal staff training and high resilience.

"Highly convenient, time saving, and makes communication simple between hospital and patients and their families at home. Families respond to it readily as most people are very familiar with texting these days. I would highly recommend it to other health care professionals. We hope to be able to improve our communication particularly with teenagers by using this system."

Sister Julie Flett,
Paediatric Cardiac Transplant Liaison Sister,
Freeman Hospital,
Newcastle upon Tyne.

This makes it an ideal solution for improving medical practice to patient communications in Hospitals and Doctor's Surgeries. Missed appointments and medication lapses can be significantly reduced by incorporating iRemind into the Hospital and Surgery appointment system. Improved communication means improved efficiency.

Surgery Connect consists of five services covering inbound call management, phone information noticeboards, voicemail and unified messaging, alerts and emergency notification, plus integration with the iRemind appointment reminder system.

For an overview of Surgery Connect Hosted Medical Telephony click here.

Integration with Surgery Connect InCall

Surgery Connect InCall is a Virtual Switchboard service which manages patient calls efficiently. Integration with iRemind produces features such as single key reminder booking, where the patient's number is captured and automatically allocated a reminder.

Where a reminder initiates a 'Rebook' request, the call details can be passed with the call to the receptionist and appointment system automatically, so that the rebooking is efficient and less time consuming.

Integration with Third Party Data Systems

iRemind can be integrated with third party data systems downloading basic data such as contact number and date and time of appointment. Additional information on the patient can include their name, contact method, preferred language and whether the patient should be connected to a live operator during the reminder call.

iRemind System

Surgery Connect iRemind mechanisms for handling Outbound Reminders, Cancel and Confirm Responses, and Rebooking.

Outbound Reminders

Outbound Hospital Patient Appointment Reminders

Confirmation or Cancellation Response

Surgery Appointment Confirmation or Cancellation Response

Rebooking Response

Doctor's Appointment Rebooking Response

Natural Voice or Text to Speech Options

During voice calls to the patient, iRemind can use either natural voice or synthesized voice. Natural voice is generally preferred option except in cases where words, such as people's names, cannot be chosen from a limited vocabulary. Voice Calls can also be connected to a live operator for an improved patient experience.

Ophthalmology Study

Non-attendance for hospital outpatient appointments is a significant problem in many countries. It causes suboptimal use of clinical and administrative staff and financial losses, as well as longer waiting times...

The use of SMS reminders for ophthalmology outpatient appointments was associated with a reduction of 38% in the likelihood of patients not attending their appointments, compared to no appointment reminder.

Read the full article...

Dr. Elizabeth Koshy,
Department of Primary Care and Social Medicine,
Imperial College London.

Online Reporting

A secure web interface provides online reporting and an audit package.

Security and Confidentiality

Surgery Connect iRemind services comply with industry requirements for data security and patient confidentiality. X-on is registered under the Data Protection act and has been audited by a number of organizations including the DCA.


X-on's systems have capacity for thousands of simultaneous voice reminders and SMS throughput in excess of 100 per second.

Benefits of Surgery Connect iRemind

Reduced missed appointments while increasing revenue
SMS or Voice reminders to match patient profile
Improved patient care using medication reminders
Interactive dialog with patient for Confirm, Cancel or Rebook by SMS or Voice Call
Multilingual options for different ethnic groups
Voice calls can use natural speech or synthesized, or connect to live operator
Integration with appointments systems using API
Template driven or ad-hoc/free text reminders

X-on is an accredited supplier under the NHS National Framework for Patient and Non-patient Communications.

For more information on the iRemind Hospital Appointment Reminders contact Sales on 0333 332 0000 (Standard Network Rate).